24 May 2009

Computer Health Tips

Do you spent several hours a day before your computer? This could prove to be a serious health hazard. Here are some tips to ward off disaster:-

  • Use a comfortable chair with back rest. Your spine should remain in a more or less straight position while you are sitting. This will help you avid getting a back ache and other painful ailments like spondilitis.
  • Move your legs frequently and squiggle your toes to maintain good blood circulation in your limbs. This will help you to avoid blood clots in the main blood vessels of your legs which could then travel to your heart with near fatal results.
  • There should be at least two feet distance between your eyes and the computer screen.
  • After every twenty minutes or so, stare away from your computer screen and focus your eyes on distant objects. This will give your eye muscles a chance to relax.
  • After every forty minutes or so, get up and exercise your legs for a few minutes.
  • To avoid wearing away of your wrists by continuous handling of the mouse and the keyboard, use ergonomically designed keyboards and mice. Also, if you do most of your work in English, good voice recognition software are available like Dragon Naturally Speaking, that can give 99% accuracy. They also allow you to operate your computer and do data entry by voice, thus obviating the need for the keyboard or the mouse altogether. Voice recognition software will also considerably speed up your input rate as speaking is up to 10 times faster than typing. Unfortunately voice recognition software is not available for Hindi and other Indian languages.

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