16 May 2009

Bengali Humour

I received this as junk mail. I couldn't resist the temptation to post it here. My full apologies to Bengali friends, no ill-will is intended, just fun.


What do you call:

A mad Bengali?
In Sen.

A dark Bengali who lives in a cave?
Kalidas Guha.

A Bengali mobster?
Rob in Ganguli.

A perfumed Bengali?
Chandan Das.

A Bengali goldsmith?
Shonar Bongla.

A talkative Bengali?
Bulbul Chatterjee.

An outlawed Bengali?
Bonduk Bannerjee.

An enlightened Bengali?
Jyoti Basu.

A stupid Bengali girl?
Balika Buddhu.

A Bengali marriage?

A burping Bengali?


What's bigger than the state of Bengal?
The Bay of Bengal.


What do you call a Bengali who takes bribe?
Mr. Ghoosh.


How does the Bong learn the alphabet?
A for Orange, B for Begetable....


How does a Bong relax in the evening?
He goes to the Howrah Brij to get some Breej.


What does a Bong with a broken heart say?
My hurt is hearting.


What do you call a Bengali who works?
A work of fiction.



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