31 March 2009

Mistaken Identity

Holding the lifeless body of his little son wrapped in a white cloth tenderly in his hand, the sub-inspector headed for the burning ghat. Tears welling out of his blood-shot eyes had drenched every hair of his handlebar moustaches.

He had momentarily forgotten under the influence of liquor that the person before him was not any prisoner from his jail, but his own little son. The blow delivered with the full force of his heavy hand had cracked the skull of the boy like a melon and he had fallen down dead at his father's feet like a tree struck by lightning.

30 March 2009

D for Drug Addiction

I was teaching my little daughter the alphabet.

I drew a large A on her slate and said, "This is A, my dear. Say A, A for A-K Fortyseven."

My daughter repeated after me, "A. A for A-K Fortyseven."

"Very good. Now this is B. B for Bomb-blast."

"B. B for Bomb-blast." said my daughter.

"Now say C. C for Communal Riots."

"C. C for Communal Riots."

I had gone only this far when my wife breezed into the room and taking our child into her protective embrace, said in great agitation, "What nonsense are you teaching this innocent child. Have you gone mad?"

"Don't get worked up my dear," I said calmly. "Do you want her to grow up ignorant of the facts of the world? No, darling, she should be fully aware of the reality around her. Only then can she cope with the stress and strain of living in the present world."

And I continued with my daughter's education, "Come my dear, this is D, D for Drug Addiction."

29 March 2009

Mobile Phone Safety Tips

We are becoming more and more dependent on mobile phones these days. These handy gadgets, however, have certain well-documented health hazards.

Here is a nice article on how to minimize these hazards:

Mobile Phone Safety Tips

28 March 2009

Make Your Kitchen Safe for Your Child

What can you do to make your kitchen safe for your children?

Find out from this article.

27 March 2009

Best Seller

I was sitting in my friend's bookshop in Ambedkarnagar. The shop was overflowing with books by Ambedkar, Baba Phule and other dalit writers.

Pointing to these books, I asked my friend conversationally, "Which of these sells the most?"

"Manusmriti", he replied most unexpectedly.

I was mystified. "That's a strange preference for the people of Ambedkarnagar," I said.

"You see," he explained, "this is a politically active colony. Every other day some dalit meeting or the other is going on here. Making a bonfire of Manusmriti is a mandatory item in the agenda of each of these meetings. For this purpose people come here and buy this book in bulk."

Air Conditioners: Getting The Most Out Of Them

Summer is setting in and you might be contemplating to buy an airconditoner. Or you might already be having one,in which case you would want to know how to get the most out of it.

Here is an article that discusses just this:

Air Conditioners: Getting The Most Out Of Them

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