30 April 2009

Satyam Jokes


Raju Raju
Yes papa.
Cheating shareholders?
No papa.
Telling lies?
No papa.
Open your balance sheet.
Ha ha ha !


What is 2+2?

Engineer: 4.

Judge: It should be 4.

Politician: I will make it 4.

Raju: You tell me what you want it to be.


Child to mother: Mama, there is an error in this dictionary.

Mama: Can't be, it is a 100 year old dictionary which has been revised more than 20 times.

Child: No, mama, I am sure it is a mistake.

Mama: Ok, tell me what is it.

Child: It says here, Satyam means truth.


After Raju lost his job at Satyam, the Chefs association of India offered him a job at a fabulous salary.

They were convinced of his culinary abilities after seeing the way he had cooked the Satyam books!


Santa to Banta indignantly: I didn't know that even our government is into promoting corruption.

Banta (with a yawn): Say something new.

Santa: No, this is the absolute pits.

Banta (resignedly): Ok bum, tell me.

Santa (showing a rupee coin): Do you see what is written on this?

Banata: What is written on it?

Santa: Read it for yourself.

Banta: I am too tired. You tell me.

Santa: It says here, Satyameva jayate.

Banta: What!

Banta was all attention now.


Why are Salman Rushdie, Abhimanyu Chatterjee, Shobha De and Arundhati Roy in such an awful mood after Satyam?

Because their books have been overtaken in the best-selling ficition category by Satyam Accounts.


Papa was examining beta's math's homework.

Papa: Beta, you have committed a mistake here.

Beta: Where?

Papa: Here. You have written, 1+1 = 11. It should be 2.

Beta: No papa, that was old Maths. After Satyam the rules of arithmetic have changed. Now 1+1 makes 11.


More Satyam jokes in my जयहिंदी blog.

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