30 March 2009

D for Drug Addiction

I was teaching my little daughter the alphabet.

I drew a large A on her slate and said, "This is A, my dear. Say A, A for A-K Fortyseven."

My daughter repeated after me, "A. A for A-K Fortyseven."

"Very good. Now this is B. B for Bomb-blast."

"B. B for Bomb-blast." said my daughter.

"Now say C. C for Communal Riots."

"C. C for Communal Riots."

I had gone only this far when my wife breezed into the room and taking our child into her protective embrace, said in great agitation, "What nonsense are you teaching this innocent child. Have you gone mad?"

"Don't get worked up my dear," I said calmly. "Do you want her to grow up ignorant of the facts of the world? No, darling, she should be fully aware of the reality around her. Only then can she cope with the stress and strain of living in the present world."

And I continued with my daughter's education, "Come my dear, this is D, D for Drug Addiction."


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